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About LiquidFire

  • Get to know us

    LIQUIDFIRE Group of Companies is a local turnkey service provider within the Fire Service Industry. By networking among our fire protection specialists service providers, we can deliver to our customers unprecedented cost-efficiencies. Plus, through teamwork between company managers, we can provide more creative solutions for your most challenging projects.We can Design, Supply, Fabricate, Install, Commission and Maintain any Fire System in accordance to the set Standards, Codes, Rules and Regulations governing the Fire Protection Industry in South Africa. LIQUIDFIRE is in a position to take over the responsibility by putting in place all the relevant requirements to make and keep all the currently installed and potential future Fire Protection Equipment fully operational and compliant.

  • Our Mission

    Quality solutions for the protection of lives and property, providing an exceptional value to our customers. 

  • Our Vission

    For LIQUIDFIRE to become a household brand name in Fire Security in Mpumalanga and increases public safety through its fire prevention, detection, investigation, health and safety training.

  • Our Values

    The practices LIQUIDFIRE are formed by the following values:

    Customer Driven

    • We are committed to understanding our Customer's needs and exceed their expectations.


    • We maintain high personal and professional ethical standards. Our Company's ethics are a sum of its parts.


    • We are serious about safety. No person will be put at risk to achieve our goals.

    Passion and Pride

    • Our work is important to our Community, Customers, Associates, and Families. We take pride in our passion to be the best


    • We measure success by the results we produce and the opportunities we provide for our People.



LIQUIDFIRE has been providing fire protection engineering, consulting, maintenance and contracting services over the last 10 years. We continue to offer our customers competitive and innovative fire protection products that have made us the leading fire protection company we are today.

LIQUIDFIRE specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the following:

• Fire Sprinkler Systems

• Fire Detection Systems

• Fire Suppression Systems

• Fire Extinguishing Systems

• Hand Held Fire Combating Appliances

• Fire & Directional Signage

  • Detector
  • FireEx
  • Sprinklers
  • Systems


Our Products

Get to know our Products

LIQUIDFIRE only uses approved materials and equipment of the highest standards on their projects to ensure optimum system functionality and performance. We would typically comply with the following quality standards:  


More About LiquidFire


    SABS 1475 – Hand Held Fire Fighting Equipment

    • Mabalingwe Nature Reserve.

    • Transfarm

    • Sumit Associated Industries. 

    • Ceder Pain 

    • Central Welding Works 

    • SA Portland Cement, Procurement Office, Pretoria

    • SARS Gauteng All Branches: Central Procurement Office

    • As Sub Contractor l– All Department Of Health Entities In Gauteng, 3 Year Project, Ongoing. 

    • Central Prison Pretoria

    • ESKOM Kendal, Installation of Fire Doors


    SANS 10287 - ASIB – Fire Sprinkler Systems

    • ESKOM Duvha

    • ESKOM Kendal 

    • ACSA – OR Tambo International Airport

    • Innes Law Chambers

    • SAMWU – Johannesburg Office

    • SA Military – Voortrekker Hoogte

    • EDCON group – Mpumalanga

    • Mass Mart Wall Mart Group Mpumalanga

    • Polokwane High Court

    • New Germiston Hospital 

    • Central Government Office – Pretoria

    • SA Military Wonderboom



    SANS 10139 – Fire Detection Systems

    • ESKOM Duvha

    • Eskom Kendal

    • Rob Ferreira Hospital

    • Innes Law Chambers

    • SAMWU – Johannesburg Office

    • SA Military – Voortrekker Hoogte

    • EDCON group – Mpumalanga

    • Mass Mart Wall Mart Group Mpumalanga

    • Polokwane High Court

    • New Germiston Hospital 

    • Central Government Office - Pretoria

    • AIM Building

    • All Social Development Offices – Mpumalanga

    • All State Hospitals - Mpumalanga




    • SANS 10139 -1 (FST)

    • SANS 10139 - 2 (FST)

    • SANS 14520 (FST)

    • SANS 369 (FST)

    • SANS 306 (FST)

    • ASIB Sprinkler Course 2012

    • CO2 Gaseous Suppression systems

    • Sapphire Novec Gaseous Suppression systems

    • Phyroshield Gaseous Suppression systems

    • SEVO 3M Novec Gaseous Suppression systems

    • Wagner Aspiration Detection Systems

    • FireTrace Gaseous Suppression systems

    • Ansul Energen Gaseous Suppression systems

    • FM200 Gaseous Suppression systems



    • ISO 9001:2008 Requirements (Proviso 090913/1187)



    • SHE-REP (Proviso 259622)

    • SHEQ Manager (Proviso 244283)

    • Fire Marshall (Proviso 13961)

    • Fall Protection Plan (Proviso 229995)

    • Fall Arrest (Proviso 229998)

    • Fall Rescue (Proviso 229995)



    • Consultancy Africa Intelligence (Group)

    • Fire and Security Professionals

    • Fire Protection Design & Engineering

    • Fire Protection in Oil and Gas

    • Fire Risk Assessments

    • Fire Risk Assessors and Consultants UK

    • Fire Risk Management Group

    • Fire Safety Engineering Group

    • Fire Sprinkler Academy

    • Industrial Fire Protection

    • Institution of Fire Engineers Australia Branch

    • International Fire Marshals Association (IFMA)

    • National Fire Protection Association

    • National Fire Sprinkler Association

    • Saudi Chief Executive Officer Club

    • South African (SA) Project Controls and Contract Management

    • South African Engineers and Expats ( South Africa, SA )


    All projects executed by LIQUIDFIRE are designed, supplied, installed, commissioned and maintained in accordance with the relevant industry standards and codes.

    • SANS 10139 - Design, Installation, Maintenance: Fire Detection systems.

    • SANS 246 - Installation of fire system in Electronic Equipment rooms 

    • SANS 369 - Operation of Fire Protection Measures

    • SANS 322 - Fire Detection & Alarm Systems for Hospitals

    • SANS 306 - Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Installations

    • SANS 14520 - Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems (Clean Agents)

    • SANS 1287 – Design, Installation and Maintenance of Sprinkler systems.

    • ASIB 2012 - Design, Installation and Maintenance of Sprinkler systems.

    • NFPA 14 - Fire Extinguishing Systems (Clean Agents)



    • SABS 1475 (1989) - Service Portable Fire Extinguishers:

    • SABS 1128 - Service Fire Hydrants

    • SABS 543 - Service Fire Hose Reels

    • SANS 1475, 0105 and 0400 - Supply of New Equipment

    • Fire Signage 



    • Our work is also compliant with the 

    • Occupational, Health & Safety Act No. 85 of 1993, 

    • Aliens Control Act No.96 of 1991, 

    • Employment Equity Act No. 55 of 1998, 

    • Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962 as amended



    LIQUIDFIRE and its technicians have aligned it-self and are official members of all the relevant and most important fire associations within our industry. It is important for us to stay abreast with the latest service standards & codes of practice that is expected within the life safety industry. 

    LIQUIDFIRE holds certified membership with the following accreditation bodies within the South Africa Fire Industry:

    • ASIB: Sprinkler Systems

    • FDIA: Gaseous Fire Suppression systems

    • FDIA: Detection Systems

    • SAQCC: Gaseous Fire Suppression systems

    • SAQCC: Detection Systems

    • SAQCC: Hand Held Fire Combating appliances

    • FPASA: Fire Protection Association of South Africa


Our Fire Protection Equipment



    • Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

    • Water Misting Systems

    • Server Rack Protection



    • Conventional Detection Systems

    • Addressable Detection Systems

    • Aspirator Detection Systems

    • Linear Detection Systems



    • Fire Extinguishers

    • Fire Hose Reels

    • Fire Hydrants

    • Fire Signage



    • Fire Sprinkler Systems

    • Fire Sprinkler Water Supplies

    • Fire Sprinkler Pump stations


Our Services

  • Ranger and other Training

    • ETDP Learning Programs and qualifications

    • Demonstrate an Understanding gender based violence (GBV)

    • Security Training and Fire arm training: NKP, AR, CPO, 

    • Victim Empowerment

    • Assessors and Moderator training 

    • Accreditations for training centers    [QMS Development] + WSP

    • Management development program (MDP)

    • HIV/AIDS awareness in the work place + Basic First Aid

    • Occupation health and safety (OHS) +  Basic Firefighting

    • Environmental Studies



  • Asbestos Law and regulations

    LIQUIDFIRE will assist organizations that are involved or handle asbestos with training on the law and regulations as well as the handling of asbestos.

  • ISO 9001, 14001 & OSHAS 18001 Implementation and Internal Audits

    LIQUIDFIRE will assist towards your company’s management system certification to international standards with consultancy. We have a range of consultancy services dedicated to providing and maintaining effective management systems that serve your business. Whether you are looking to implement an individual system (e.g. quality, environment and health and safety) or wish to integrate one or more of these elements (IMS), LIQUIDFIRE can provide you with the expert advice and guidance you need.

    Activities in support of management systems can include:

    • Gap analysis;

    • System design;

    • Developing documentation;

    • Top management engagement;

    • System implementation;

    • Staff awareness;

    • Auditor Training and mentoring;

    • Pre-assessment Audit;

    • Certification body selection;

    • Ongoing support.

  • Audits and Surveys

    LIQUIDFIRE upholds the principles of auditing and these results in all audits conducted have proved to be an effective and reliable tool in support of all our clients’ management policies and controls, by providing information on which an organization can act in order to improve its performance.  The objective of an audit is continual improvement and LIQUIDFIRE values this. We will assist you with the following:


    • Legal compliance audits;

    • Management System audits;

    • Customer Satisfaction audits;

    • Operational audits;

    • Investigative audits.

    • Supplier Audits.

  • SHEQ Plan Development and Files

    At LIQUIDFIRE we will assist with the development of the SHEQ Plan and the SHE Files and its updating including Contractor specifications.

  • Hazards Identification Risk Assessments and Control (HIRAC)

    A critical element of any Safety Management System (SMS) in assuring maximum safety levels is the ability to identify hazards and to evaluate and control your risks. LIQUIDFIRE will assist with the following:


    • The regulatory context of risk assessment and its significance in an effective Safety Management System;

    • Identifying hazards and threats;

    • Analysing and calculating risk; the use of risk matrices;

    • Developing robust control and mitigation strategies to increase safety levels;

    • Delivering a realistic picture of organisational risk to secure effective management decisions;


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